About Us – Asian Dating Site

This dating site is run by a guy that was in your situation before, not just some company that wants to get rich. I had nobody and I found a beautiful Asian girl thousands of miles away and we got married, so I know finding someone long distance can work or I wouldn’t even bother wasting my time with a dating site. I wanted to provide a place for other Asian girls anywhere in the world to meet guys in the USA without having to pay the high prices that some of these sites are charging.

There are many sites out there that look like they are filled with members, only those members are not active, they are years old and it’s to get you to pay so you can send a message, only you will never get a reply back. That will not happen to you here, this site will start empty and fill up on it’s own and over time if any member is not active for a certain amount of time, they will be removed. One thing I hate is greed, I will not trick you in order to get your money.

I have set this site up in a way that allows it to be run cheap and gives just what is needed to find your soul mate. The designers of this site put in a lot of features, some I have turned off because it would mean charging you a lot of money to use the site, others I have turned off because I don’t they are good features, such as Rate a Picture, if I don’t think something is fair, I won’t offer it. Some features are turned off because they just don’t work properly and will be turned on as soon as the programmers of the site get them working, I don’t want something available that doesn’t work right.

I used a lot of dating sites, pay and free and I don’t think anyone should pay a high price just to find someone to be with, I know what is needed and what we can do without for the money minded people, of course there are rich people out there, they will pay any amount, but that is not what this site is about, it’s about finding someone without having to pay a lot of money. You may not be poor, but if money matters to you and you want things cheap, then you want a site like this.

You may ask why not just use a free site with many thousands of profiles, for sure you will find someone for free. I tried them all, it didn’t work, sometimes it takes a pay site and sometimes it takes a site that is not for everyone, but just for a certain type of people and here you have a site that is for Asian women that want US guys and US guys that want Asian women.

Your email address is never sold or given away, it’s only for use on this site for notification purposes. I hate spam and I would never do that to anyone. Your profile is also never sold or given away.

Any cookies used on this site are only used for the operation of this site, none of that information is sold or given away.