Dating Tips

For the Asian women not in the USA hoping to find a fiance in the USA if you have children, make sure to say yes on your profile, some girls will say no and hope that later the guy will accept them after he gets to know her. The problem with that is that US Immigration requires the guy to make a certain amount of money for each person he brings over. He might only make enough for you and if you later say you have kids then he might have no choice but to find someone else and you don’t want to feel bad when that happens, so it’s best to just let the guy know if you have kids.

For the guys in America looking for an Asian bride if you are living from check to check, then it’s best if you only message the Asian girls in America, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to bring a fiance over to the USA but it does cost some money and I would hate for a guy to find a great girl in Asia and then find out he doesn’t have the money to complete what he started, that would make you and your new girl feel bad.

Don’t be in too big of a rush to get married, nobody should try to get married after only 1 month, it’s important to make sure you have found the right one, remember marriage is forever, make sure you know everything about the person you are going to marry, it’s ok to be engaged quickly, but make sure you know everything before you actually get married. While waiting for immigration to approve things, that gives you time to actually get to know everything about each other. It’s not a happy thought to back out of it at the last minute, but backing out at the last minute can be better than a big mistake if you find out something that you just can’t live with.

Some guys will meet a girl and fly there quickly and get married and then come back to the USA and apply for their wife to come. I don’t think that is a good way to do it, that is my opinion, I think it’s better to bring her here as a fiance. Some guys are rich, so they will do that and also stay with their wife until the papers are ready and then fly back together, that isn’t so bad, and if you are rich, that would be nice, but most of us aren’t rich so we can’t do that.

Make sure to meet the family when you are getting serious about each other, if one person doesn’t like that idea then you have to wonder why. Such as if a man flies from the USA to an Asian country to meet his bride or possible bride, obviously he needs to meet the family, if he doesn’t want to meet the girls family then what is the problem? Sometimes a guy is married and a business man and he flies to other countries on business and thinks he’s going to have a good time and the wife at home will never find out, then he fools girls into thinking he will marry them just to have a good time. If you are an Asian woman, make sure the guy is actually there FOR YOU, don’t let the guy say he’s going to meet you for a couple of days and then meet another girl for a couple of days too. That isn’t how it works, he either wants YOU or he doesn’t.

If you are both living in the USA or the same country, then obviously when you meet, you will want to meet in a public place and you might want to make it a short date for the first date, in case you happen to not like this person then at least you won’t waste too much time or wind up spending hours with someone you can’t stand, but if you talk to each other over a private messenger like Skype or Yahoo messenger then you probably can get an idea of how that person is and you won’t have to worry about meeting someone you can’t stand to be around.

Save your evidence if you are planning on bringing your Asian fiance to the USA to get married. You may be new to this and don’t know how it works yet, but if you meet a girl on here or any site and she winds up being the one you are going to marry, then you need some evidence. Print out those emails, save those airline tickets, take pictures, any hotel bills if you stay in a hotel, that is the evidence you and her will need to prove you are in a relationship.