So you are seeking an Asian bride. We’ll you have come to the right Asian dating site to find a single Asian woman to get to know and possibly become your bride. This site is not a mail order bride site, you don’t just place your order, pay the fee and you are matched up with a bride. On this site you search through those interested in the same things you are and send a message and if they are interested they will message you back.

There are many Asian dating sites out there to choose from, but there is only 1 perfect girl for you. Don’t just marry anyone, that would be a big mistake. Sometimes these girls sign up with many sites and sometimes they only sign up with 1 site, so the perfect girl might be on this site, we don’t know, you have to sign up first and take a look if you don’t see it right away, wait and see if she comes along, you might want to sign up with other sites too, get yourself seen everywhere.

So your first step is to sign up with a dating site, pick out one and give it a try or maybe 2 or 3, but remember, they will all cost you money to use, some are free, but from my experience, it’s pretty hard to find a girl on the free sites, I tried and finally found my wife on a pay site. I paid $50 for 2 months of access. I think that is expensive, after all, you could spend $50 and not find anyone. It’s a fact that it takes an average of 3 months to find someone, that means some guys are lucky in 1 month and some guys might take 6 months or longer. Dating sites can get expensive for some people.

The nice thing about my site, is I am not going to rip people off, I am not greedy, I don’t have big office buildings and a hundred employees to pay for. I’m just a guy like you wanting a nice Asian wife and I decided to start this website and maybe in the future I’ll make a few dollars to put in my pocket. I didn’t start this site to get rich.

Your second step, pick out a girl and send a message, wait a couple of days and see what happens, if nothing, try another one. Sure you are going to feel discouraged, but you keep trying until you find someone, and some girls get messages from many guys, could be 100 guys, and she talks to you and 5 others at the same time and she picks the other guy and you wasted your time, but that is how it goes, she probably wasn’t for you, you try again, eventually you will find one.

Third step, now you finally found one that is interested in you more than the other guys. So don’t be a jerk, don’t mess it up, you got a chance because the other guys messed up, consider it like a job interview, you want the job so better not say the wrong things, after all the boss doesn’t know you yet, maybe you can joke around after you know each other, but don’t joke around during the interview or you won’t get hired.

Forth step, you like her, she likes you, you meet, love is in the air, everything is great, if she is in the USA you can get married right away, but remember very few people in the USA want to get married quickly, including Asian girls, so if you find one in the USA, don’t plan on getting married too quickly, it probably won’t happen, as for other countries, if you are right for each other, they usually want to get married right away, so your wait isn’t too long.

Lets get something straight here, in the USA, guys and girls both seem to not want to get married right away, times have changed, it didn’t used to be that way, but now most people just aren’t interested in it like the old fashioned way of life, but you are different, you are a guy in the USA that is one that wants to get married and you are in luck because there still are Asian women as well as other women in other countries that still believe in marriage once you both realize you are soul mates.

Fifth step, you will be apart from her for about 5 months, maybe longer while waiting for immigration to approve your paperwork, don’t forget you have a fiance, you aren’t available anymore, so go out and search for someone else, don’t make the mistake that some guys do and an Asian girl comes along in your own city and you think, hey, why continue with this other girl, why spend all that money, I’ll just have this new one instead. As soon as you give up on this other girl that is waiting for you, your new girl will leave you and you will have nobody and won’t be able to get your old fiance back. Then you will have to explain to immigration why they should give you another chance at another girl outside the USA.

That is pretty much it, the basic steps, but there is one more important thing, the government does require that you make a certain amount of money in order to have a wife this way from another country. It depends on how many dependents you have, check out form I-864P you can search for it on the US immigration website, it will tell you how much you have to make. If you have good job, you should be ok, but it looks like you will have to make a little more than minimum wage, so if you don’t make enough money, don’t even try to start this yet. There are some guys that didn’t know this and that’s a sad thing, but you can have another person accept responsibility for your fiance/wife and still be able to bring her here, but it might be hard to get someone to agree to be responsible for your wife for the next 10 years.

One other thing, on my site I don’t have fake profiles of girls to get you to sign up or pay money, many sites out there do have fake profiles so watch out, or they have profiles that are years old and they keep them there so they can say they have a million members and that makes you feel good, you think you really have a chance with all those girls, but in reality they probably have 10% of that and some of these sites if you search, you will see all the girls look like models, that is not reality, some will look like that, but not all, I would stay away from sites like that, because pretty much they are out to just take your money. Also if you use a site that charges by the message, you are going to spend a lot of money, I tried that once and spent $5 in one day and that is ridiculous, I don’t think the person that sent me a message was a real girl, I think the webmaster was just trying to get my money.