One thing you need to watch out for are dating scams, there are criminals that pretend they are looking for somebody but are only out to get your money.  They are very good at fooling people that aren’t on the watch for them.

It could be a man searching for a woman, or a woman searching for a man, or possibly even a woman searching for a woman or a man searching for a man.  Criminals will target anyone if they think they can get what they want from them.

They usually don’t use their real name or picture (but they could), they just grab somebody else’s picture off the internet and make up a name and usually say they are in another country, but are probably in the same country as you are, but they do have associates in other countries to pick up the money that you will send them if you fall for their scam.  They like the money sent out of the country because it’s easy for them to get away with their crimes but they could also have you send the money to the same country you are in.

They will make you think that they really like or love you and send you emails, text messages, phone calls, video chat.  Make sure that if they do video chat, that they are using a nice clear camera so you can clearly see their face,  this way they can’t hide and say their camera is starting to go bad and only show you a blurry face.  Most of the time they will say they have these great careers and make lots of money so there is no excuse to not have a good quality camera.

They might even send you flowers or a little cheap gift to fool you, so you think he or she can be trusted.

Usually someone isn’t going to fall in love with you over the internet in a couple of weeks or less, a normal person might like you a lot,  but to fall in love over the internet only without meeting in person would take some time, and nobody should ask for
money so soon.  There are some situations where asking for money is ok, but it’s not ok in most situations.

Lets say you are in America and you meet someone in another country and after a few days this person really loves you, sends you messages all the time, and maybe you gave out your address and you were sent flowers and this person has a great job, lets say they sell houses and they own a house or two and basically have lots of money.  Then one day they say for some reason they need money,  maybe $2000 or $3000 and ask to borrow it from you and pay you back in a week or two and give you some emergency reason.  To me this wouldn’t sound right.

Now lets say you are a guy in America and you are looking for a foreign woman, sometimes they will ask for money after a day or two,  but usually if she is for real, she won’t ask for money at all.  I saw a movie once where a guy was desparate for a wife so he found a wife from another country and she comes and when he is out she takes all he has and then leaves, now that was just a movie, but it can happen in real life, so you have to be careful.  Sometimes they just want to come to America, so they get married and come here and then get a divorce after 2 years and never had any intention of staying with you, so you have to watch out for that too.

Now of course, there are real men and women that are searching for someone and are
completely honest and will fall in love with you fast and want to get to know you so you don’t want to be too quick to accuse someone of being a scammer,  but you have to be careful and watch out if they ask for money or say anything that doesn’t seem quite right.  Watch out for things that don’t seem quite right.

Remember that America is the greatest country in the world and some people will do anything to get here, also other countries like Australia, England, Europe, Japan, Canada and some others are very nice places to live compared to their country and people will do anything to get to those countries also if they can.

Even sometimes people in the USA will try to scam others in the USA just to get their
money.  Be careful and be safe, it’s too bad these criminals have to do these
things but they do and it’s not going to stop so you have to watch out.

Another thing to watch for is maybe they will say they have a business and for some reason they need to deposit some money in your account and then later you wire that money to them and they might even say you can keep a small amount for your trouble.  Watch out for that because usually they are stealing from someone else’s account and then want you to wire it to them, this way they get away with stealing and it’s all on you.

Remember there are people in all areas of life that will say anything, even if
it’s not true, to gain what they want to gain from it.  So be careful, be careful, be careful.