Remove yourself from this site – If you want to remove yourself from this site, click on the delete account link at the bottom of the page, you will see a link to click on and then you will get a warning before you are deleted.


Report User – If there is a problem with a user, click the report user button and let us know what the problem is so we can check it out. The member being reported will not know if you report them.


Home link on members menu – This is the area that you are directed to when you first login. The other home link takes you to the front page of the website.


Your Gender Is Wrong – If your gender is wrong on your profile, let us know and so we can change it for you, make sure you have a profile created when you tell us, it’s easier to change it if you have a profile than if you haven’t created it yet.


Your Photo Is Black – If you see that your photo is black, try uploading a lower resolution photo or a smaller size photo, sometimes if a photo is too large it will just turn black.


Stealth Mode – If stealth mode is on then nobody will know that you are logged in, if stealth mode is off then you will show up as being online.


Green or blue dot next to photo – Means the person is online and there will be a chat icon above their picture on their profile. Click the chat icon if you would like to chat with them.


Email – This is where all the emails go when you receive email from other users. From here you can check your Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items and Compose. The Compose will show you a dropdown of your Favorite profiles. You can’t send a new email from here. To send a new email just visit a users profile.


Envelope Icon – This icon next to a message in your sent folder indicates if your message has been read or not.  A closed envelope means it has not been read yet, an open envelope means your message has been read. This feature added 09-18-17 older messages sent will not show the icon next to it.


Online – Shows the users that are currently online. You can filter the online results by gender.


Private Photo – If you choose to have a private photo you need to mark a member as a favorite in order for them to see you.


Profile Trending – These are the profiles that are getting the most attention. You can filter these by Favorites, Friends, Winks Sent and Emails.


Who Viewed Me – These are the profiles that have viewed your profile.


Who I Viewed – These are all the profiles you have viewed.


View Profile – This will show you what your profile looks like to other users.


Edit Profile – This lets you edit your profile and your default photo on your profile.


One to One Chat – When a user is online you can send them a Chat request. The other user will receive a popup that ask them if they would like to chat. If they accept it then you’re put into a One on One Chat session.


Search – Search for other profiles.


Advanced Search – Extend the search function by searching for specific things in a profile.


Zip Code Search – Search for profiles from any number of miles from a given zip code.


Saved Search – Save your searches by name so you can access them quickly.


Settings / Blocked – These are the profiles that you have blocked from contacting you. You can block a user from their profile view.


Settings / Upgrade Account – Upgrade your account to premium membership to get access to features like Email and Chat.


Extras / Trending – Trending profiles are profiles that are getting the most attention. You can filter these results as well.


Extras / Date Tracker – Track the people that you go out with by using the Date Tracker. On a profile there is a icon for Date Tracker. Click it and then you can keep a diary of how it went with this user.