Philippines? China? Asia? So you think you need fiance visa service for K-1 visa? Don’t be scared. I’m so tired of seeing these ads for companies that offer a service of filling out the application for you and scaring you into thinking that it’s so hard that you better pay them the $300 or $400 up to $5000 to fill it out for you.

You are new to this and they know that but it’s not that hard, maybe if you can’t read English maybe you need some help, but 99% of American guys in the USA looking for a wife in the Philippines or anywhere in Asia can read and speak English and can fill out an application form or else how did you even get the job you have. If you can fill out an application form for a job, you can fill out a K-1 Visa form to bring your fiance to the USA.

Having a service fill out the form for you won’t get your girl here any faster, what gets your girl here fast is not making mistakes, sometimes these services do make mistakes. Most important thing is to look it over again and again before you send it in and make sure it’s perfect, even if they do it for you, you have to look over their work too, don’t trust that it’s perfect just because you paid someone to do it for you.

Some of these companies are actual lawyers and immigration is their specialty and if you have a problem bringing your girl here, then of course you might need a lawyer to help you, but you will pay for their time and their time is expensive, but in certain situations what can you do, most people won’t need a lawyer.

These other services are just websites set up that you input your information in and they will convert it to the form and email it back to you and you sign it and mail it in, they actually don’t do any work at all, it all automatic, they just click a couple of times and collect their huge fee. I could do the same thing, I could actually set up a page on my site and have you input your info and it would write it on the proper form and get emailed back to you to sign and mail in but I don’t believe in charging more than something is worth, to me it’s not worth more than about $50. I might consider doing that and maybe I would just make it free for my members, it’s not that hard to transfer your info to a form and email it back with a few tips, we’ll see, I’m spending most of my time trying to get this site to take off right now.

This is a link to the page for the form on the immigration site, you can see exactly what they ask. k-1 Fiancee visa There are instructions too, so read the instructions, even if you think you can fill it out without reading them, YOU STILL READ THEM. The forms do change over the years so things might not be in the same order as I have shown below.

So they ask for your last name, first name, middle name. You do know that right? I hope you know what your name is.

Then they want your address.

Then they ask for your A number if you have one, put it in, a US Citizen won’t have one, so you would put N/A for Not Applicable since that does not apply to you.

Then they want to know where you were born.

Then they ask for your birth date and are you a male or female and if you are married, single, divorced, widowed. You should know the answers so far right. Is it getting to hard for you? Do you really need a service?

Then they want to know other names you used, if you did have another name then you put it in, if not, like most of us, then you would put None.

Then they want to know your social security number.

Then they want to know the names of the prior spouses, so put it in unless you were never married before then you would put None.

Then they ask for your middle name (I don’t know why they ask for it again.)

They they want the date your other marriage ended, if you weren’t married then you would just put N/A since it’s not applicable to you.

Then they want to know how you became a US citizen. Easy for me, I was born here. You probably were too.

Then they want to know if you have obtained a certificate of naturalization, if yes then check yes and answer the questions otherwise it’s no and you put N/A

Then they want to know if you are apply for K-1 fiance or K-3 Spouse, if you haven’t gotten married then she is your fiance, if you did marry her already then you are applying to bring over your spouse. I actually think it’s better to get permission from the US Government to get married rather than to get married and then say, Hey, I’m bring my wife over, do you mind? But that is just me, you do it how ever you think it’s best for you.

Then you put down your fiance’s name or wife’s name.

Then they want HER address in her country.

They want to know where she was born and her birth date and her country of citizenship and if she is a man or woman and if she is married or single or whatever and other names used if any, if not then it’s None

They want her A number if she happens to have one, if not then it’s None

They want her Social Security number, which she probably won’t have so if not then it’s None

Then they want the names of her prior spouses and date marriage ended, if there were none then you could put N/A or None

Then they want to know if she has ever been to the USA, so yes or no and answer the questions if yes otherwise N/A

Then they want to know her passport number. If she doesn’t have one then better get her one quick. If me I’d probably have her apply for one once I was ready to go meet her for the first time, my girl already had one at the time I meet her online.

Wow, this form has gotten longer, wasn’t this long when I had to fill it out.

Now they ask for travel document number, seems to me that is a passport number, maybe some countries call it a travel document.

Then they want the expiration date.

Now they ask for her kids to be listed if she has any, if not just skip all those lines and put N/A on the first line asking for a name.

Then they want the address where she is going to live, so that would your address.

Then they want her address in her country. Thought they just asked for that, who wrote these forms.

Then they ask you to write her name in her language if her language doesn’t use our lettering like in the USA, so Philippines uses our letters, for places like China, that is a different kind of letters used.

Then again they want her address if in letters other than what we use in the USA

Then they want to know if your fiance is related to you, like are you marrying your sister or cousin? Yes or No

Then they want to know how are you related if you are related.

Then they ask if you met your fiance in the last 2 years.

Then they want to know how you met, which basically for most of us it will be Internet dating site and give the domain name, or if you met her in bar while on vacation, then that is what you put.

Then they ask if you met your fiance through an international marriage broker. That means those services that you pay and they fix you up with someone and you fly out and meet them, maybe as a group or just alone, but basically a mail order bride site. As for this site, this is a dating site not a marriage broker site, we don’t fix you up, we just let you exchange messages here and if you are lucky maybe you will find your soulmate.

Then if you answered yes to that question they want the address of that broker and a signed paper, you will probably have to get that from them.

They you have to put down which embassy will your fiance file for a Visa from, city and country.

If you are in the military in another county the want the address where you are there.

Then there are some other questions you need to answer, yes or now, basically they just want to know if you committed any crimes like murder or rape or robbery. Hopefully you didn’t, I’m not sure how easy it is to get approved if you are one of those people. I don’t see why that would matter if you served your time and learned your lesson you should be good, at least to me, but I think they will tell your fiance what you did, so if you did commit crimes you should let your fiance know or else she might just change her mind and then everyone’s time was wasted. Always be 100% honest about everything.

Then they tell you that if you have already filed this before more than so many times and if one was in the last 2 years, you need to write out a little letter asking for permission to do this again and why you are doing this again so soon. Like maybe the other person backed out at the last minute and never came to America or maybe you backed out for some reason.

Then you sign the form and that’s it. Make sure to include all the other stuff they want included with the application, read the instructions for that. It’s stuff like a letter from your employer, tax forms, plane tickets, basically your proof of relationship, proof that you have a job and are making enough money, proof that you pay your taxes.

Make sure to read over your application to make sure it’s all done right, and read it over again, you don’t want mistakes, mistakes cause delays and you would hate to have to wait a year to get your girl here when she could have been here in 5 months. Times vary depending on how over loaded they are, I have heard some offices have approved applications in just 1 week, others take months. For me, it was approved in 3 months, then came her stuff to do on her side and total time from sending in the form til meeting her at the airport was 5 months.

So see, filling out that form isn’t so hard after all right? But if you think that was too hard then I guess one of those services is what you need. Even if you choose a service or lawyer to fill it out for you, you still need to double check their work, they do sometimes make mistakes, I have heard of that happening, can you imagine paying a lawyer and then finding out it’s delayed because they made a mistake.

So I just went through the latest K-1 Fiance Visa form myself as of August 2015, it is longer than it used to be but still not that hard. There are other forms you need to fill out to go with this one but they aren’t any harder than this.

Best to get your fiance to sign what she needs to sign while you are in her country then you don’t have to mail stuff back and forth, express mail can get expensive but you won’t want regular mail service, since it will be slow and you want your girl here as fast as possible.