So you say you don’t want a guy that will only go out with Asian women?


I thought that I would do a page on this since I saw an Asian women talking about dating guys and someone said there was a white guy that was interested in her and he only dates Asian women.

She said that she thought that was creepy, so she would not date a guy that would only date an Asian women, she would only date guys that would date all kinds of women.

Well here is the thing.

A lot of guys just want a girls goodies, they will say anything to get the goodies and each of these playing around guys knows what kind of a girl they want and a lot of white guys don’t want to marry an Asian woman, they want a white woman only but they will go out with any girl they can find to have as much good times as possible while they look and wait for that girl to come along that they are looking for.

So if a white guy or any race guy were to say to you, an Asian woman, Oh I date all races of women, I am open to all of them, I just want to find the right one, a few might be truthful in that, but most are not, you may fall in love with one of those guys and he may say back to you that he loves you too, but he’s just playing along until he actually finds that girl he’s looking for, like I said there are white guys that want only a white girl but will lie to get the goodies, this actually happens, but lets say you do meet a good guy, he’s not out to play around he seriously wants a relationship, race is something people think about, will it work out, what about their family, what do they think, so this guy is undecided he may or may not be ok with the race thing, he may change his mind later and decide he wants to stay in his own race after you already fell in love with him.

Now if a guy says I only date Asian women, at least this guy knows what he wants, he’s already thought it through and knows an Asian women is right for him. You don’t have to worry about what if he changes his mind and wants a white girl or black girl or whoever, he is set on having an Asian woman.

It can go the other way too for a guy, a guy sure would rather hear an Asian woman say I only want a white guy or I only want a black guy or I only want whatever kind of guy, at least as a guy we don’t have to worry about if that girl is going to change her mind and go for someone in her own race and that does happen, sometimes a girl will later decide that she would rather stay in her own race and then think of all that time wasted dating and having to start over because this girl changed her mind.

A person knowing what they want in life is a good thing, a person not knowing what they want is not always a good thing especially if you fell in love with a person that doesn’t know what they want in life.

Anyway, it’s something to think about in your search for your forever long soulmate. I don’t believe in temporary or short term or long term, with me it’s forever, for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer.