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Revised 06-13-17 Cookies Section

What we collect

We only store your email address and your ip address in the database along with it, which is a standard thing that most sites do. If payment is required to use this site, it will be processed through PayPal so you will not have to give out any more information.

What is your information used for

Your email address is used for notifications from this site and for getting a new password if you forgot your password. We do not send out newsletters. We do not sell or give away any email addresses or other messages that you have sent or your ip address. Your messages sent are between you and the other person, they are not read by anyone else, except when someone complains about a scammer, then in order to be fair we need to read that message before we delete them off the site, and of course the police may read it too if needed to capture the scammer. The scammers email address and ip address will be provided to them too.

We will never send an email to you asking you for any information, unless for some reason you are locked out and you cannot access your email address, then we will need to ask certain questions to make sure the account really does belong to you and in that case YOU will contact us first. Scammers will sometimes pretend to be someone that they aren’t in order to steal your information or your money.


If we use any cookies, it’s only to provide a better user experience on this site. They are not used for anything else.  Other sites that are used in connection with this site such as Facebook login will have their own cookies policy.

Third Party Links

Any links on this site to other sites will have their own privacy policy. We are not responsible for their content or their privacy policy. We will never knowing link to any site that steals information, if you ever find out a site that we link to is doing illegal things, please use the contact us form so we can remove that link.

Your Consent

By using this website, you are consenting to our privacy policy

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we make any changes to this page, we will list a revised date at the top so you will know whether you need to read this page again.

Contacting Us

Any questions, please use the contact us form