Q & A

How long does it take to bring someone to the USA to marry? From the time I filled out the immigration forms, until the time my girl arrived at the airport was 5 months. It’s not quite as simple as find a girl and pick her up at the airport, there is a process, but it only took me 5 months. It’s not hard to do this, as long as you do everything perfect with no mistakes, then you won’t have to worry about delays.

Visa Journey is the site where you can get all the information you need for bringing your fiance to the USA. Visit that site, it’s easier than if I post all the information here. Your forms are at the US Immigration Website Looks like they now have online applications, but you still might want to take a look at the paper form download so you can see it all and read the instructions before you start the online form.

Why don’t you have rate a picture? We don’t have rate a picture because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why should you be rated, who cares what people think, someone will want that person no matter what the rating is, why make some people feel bad if they get a low rating.

Why don’t you offer video on your site? Video is not offered because it costs money to offer all kinds of features and that is all added into the price that is charged to you and I don’t want to charge high prices for something you don’t really need on a website. If you and another person are interested in each other, you can use a free messenger program or app and see video of each other for free.

Why don’t you allow many pictures to be uploaded? Because it would increase the price of using this site and the purpose of this site is to give you an inexpensive place to meet people. When you find the one you think is the one, you can show them your social networking page with hundreds of pictures without having to pay more. Some sites charge $40 per month, or $30 or $25 or even $20, that’s a lot of money when you consider that you might need more than 1 month to find the right person. The average amount of time is 3 months. It took me 5 weeks.

Why are women free? Do you really have to ask that? Most of the women on this site will be in other countries. they cannot afford to pay or you would not have a chance to meet them. As for the women in the USA, they probably could afford to pay, but whether in America or out in the rest of the world, women are free.

What if someone asks me for money? Don’t delete the message, let us know so we can see the message and then we will delete the scammer. Do not give money to anyone asking for money, there are scammers out there and they will pretend to have interest in you or even tell you they love you in order to get you to give money or loan them money, they may say there is an emergency and need a few thousand right away and will pay you back and then after you give or send the money, you never hear from them again. So be careful, not everyone is a scammer, but they are out there and they look like any other person. Sometimes they will even say they want to deposit some money into your account. Do not give out your bank information. Sometimes they want to use you to scam money from another person and then will ask you to wire the money to them so it can’t be traced back to them. Use your common sense and good judgement when dealing with people you don’t know.

There are times when it’s appropriate for a woman in another country to need money from the man if they have become a couple and are planning on meeting or getting married. But that will be done away from this website. If anyone finds out that anyone is a scammer, come back and let us know and we will delete them from this site.

Is this a mail order bride site? This is not a matchmaking site / mail order bride site, we do not match people up, we provide a website for 2 people to log in and send each other messages, what you do is up to you. Why do some people call them mail order brides? you cannot order a bride and have her sent to you through the mail, that is ridiculous, it just doesn’t work that way. These Asian woman are people, just like you, they are not products you can order, they just happen to live in another country, instead of across town.

What if I am 80 years old, can I have a 20 year old wife? Sure you can, but I don’t recommend that big of an age difference, I don’t recommend an age gap of more than 30 years maximum and it’s best to stay within 20 years, but that is up to each individual person, if two people are happy with each other then their life is their own business.

Why do I have to have a picture on my profile? Due to scammers a photo is now required.  If a member has a photo then at least when you see the person using a video chat program you will be able to see if they match up with their photo here.  You can always choose private photo if you don’t want non members to see your photo but make sure you mark the people you like as favorites so they can see your photo.  I don’t recommend a private photo but you can if you want to.