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This is not a match-making, mail order bride website, we do not bring people together, we offer a place for singles to gather and send messages to each other, what you do after that is your business.

This site is for singles only, if you are married you are not authorized to use this site.

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You will not ask for money from any members on this site.  If you ask for money you will be deleted.  If another member asks you for money, let us know so we can delete that member.  Do not delete the message that was sent to you so we may see it first.

You will treat everyone with respect on this website.

You will not try to sell anything using this website, you will not use this site to send people to your own website.

Do not use your full name anywhere on your profile, do not post your phone number, address, e-mail address, private messaging ID or any private information on your profile.

We are not responsible for down time, during this time the site will not be available, there are no refunds due to down time.  Usually downtime is just a few minutes per month while the server is being restarted.

We may make changes to the site by adding or removing features, if payment is required to use this site, then your payment is to give you the ability to message other members, any features we may offer are an extra bonus.

You may remove your profile anytime.

You are an American man or Asian woman.

If you are a scammer or commit some other kind of crime then you agree that any information collected on this site will be turned over to the police or the proper authorities.

If you do not agree with these rules, then you are not authorized to log into this site.